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Why not work on the other projects that do something similar?

Because they are too complex and have a bunch of dependencies and the documention is rubbish. Jackalberry was designed from the outside-in with the purpose of remaining simple to use while harnessing the power of OpenGL for 2D graphics.

What about OpenGL 3.x?

I would like to write a version of Jackalberry for it. The API for Jackalberry is frozen, so anything written using it would benefit from the new OpenGL 3.1 context, plus new funky effects and capabilities that had to be removed from this OpenGL 1.1 version. -One or two features had to be removed to remain compatible with the two leading implementations from Nvidia and AMD/ATI.

Is Jackalberry suitable for production use?

No... Well depends, but there are things missing you would expect in a professional piece of software, like copy & paste.

Why GLFW and not SDL or QT?

GLFW turned out to very pleasant to set-up, it's window and input methods are easy to understand and use and the documentation is excellent. This project was actually moved from SDL due to some Caps Lock key scanning problem I was experiencing. Probably now resolved, maybe, -SDL is a great project. FLTK was also attempted, but the textures appeared white! Yay. :(

QT would be interesting. Jackalberry can easily enough be hosted on any platform offering windowing, input and a GL context.

Your widget set is a little shonky.

Widgets were added late on and aren't the focus of the project. As a result at this point the design went from outside-in to inside-out which shows in the weirdness of the widget examples on the tutorials page. Sorry about that, but if you use them properly, they work!

Holy shit, this project class is full of anti-patterns!

Yeah, I know, probably.